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3.en.6. Idioms with food and posters

On Monday, for our project on the Olivar market we shall be working in groups of three. Each group has chosen an idiom connected with food. the posters will be displayed in our class. German, Spanish and Catalan will also contribute. There are idioms that have to do with food in every language.

Here  you can see a collage with your posters.  Remember that you must produce a digital version of the poster, as a cover for your power point presentation on the food project.

See you on Monday and Enjoy your weekend!

  1. As cool as a cucumber:Claudia, Pep Toni and Pepe
  2. Too many cooks spoil the broth: Àngel, Sara and Andrea
  3. Chalk and Cheese: Juan Miguel, Johana and Hao
  4. Alike as two peas: Tatiana, Miguel Angel and Marta
  5. All your eggs in one basket: Judit, Jilin and Guillem
  6. Spill the beans: Xisco, Carlos and Aina
  7. Go bananas: Gabriel, Laura and Jose Luis
  8. Recipe for Disaster: Llorenç, Philline and Alejandro
  9. An apple a day keeps the doctor away: Zandalie, Lovepreet and Daryl
  10. A couch potatoe: Rodrigo, Pilar and Lukas

Remember that before Sunday, I’ll upload the guidelines for the outing.

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3.en 2. Food for thought: we are what we eat.


Are you ready to talk about food?

Remember that we still have to do the group power point presentations about how much an average family spends a week in food. Only one group did it so far, but we’ll wait until the Danish and Icelanders come to visit us at the end of May. The volcano did not let them fly south. When they visit our class, we’ll ask them questions and show them the research we did. So while we wait for them, we’ll continue our hands on research on food and eating habits.

You’ve already watched Superzize Me, with Emili and you’ve also learnt how important it is  having a good breakfast every morning.

Bernat made things easier for you, didn’t he?

Did you enjoy your breakfast at the school cafeteria on St Jordi’s day?

Anyway,  the way you eat and your eating habits is really “FOOD FOR THOUGHT”

FOOD FOR THOUGHT”, is an idiom that means that something  is worth thinking about or considering seriously. WE ARE WHAT WE EAT, is an idiomatic expression too.

In English, there are many idiomatic expressions connected with food. The translation of many of these idiomatic expressions is not always easy.

Let’s see if we learn a few and have fun while using them. Check if you know the meaning of the following words:


Most probably you know all of them, don’t you? But I bet you do not know the meaning of the following expressions:

What?s the difference between a couch potatoe and a hot potatoe?

Visit the following site and find out.

Copy the expressions in your notebook and their corresponding meaning. Try to visualise the idiom as an image, it really helps.

Idiomatic expressions with food Meaning
1.Go nuts
2.Go bananas
3.Hot potato
4.Couch potato
5.Big Apple
6.Apples and oranges
7.One bad apple
8.Chalk and cheese
9.Alike as two peas
10.As cool as a cucumber
11.Too many cooks spoil the broth
12.Recipe for disaster
13.All your eggs in one basket
14.Spill the beans
15. An apple a day keeps the doctor away

Post to the blog your favourite 5 idioms from this list and add one more.

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