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2.en.16 Pronunciation: how to understand and pronounce names of places in English. Homework

It is often difficult to know how to pronounce names of places and people in English. Today you discovered that Guinea, and Guinea-Bissau, sound quite differently in English than the way we would pronounce them in Spanish. Dictionaries such as Merriam-Webster give you the pronunciation of countries.


However, there are other tools you can find on line such as “inogolo” where you will be able to type the word and listen to its pronunciation.

Bookmark the site and have it at hand.  It is easy to use and really useful when it comes to names :

Check the pronunciation of Guinea-Bissau and Mauritania, two neighboring countries of Senegal.



Homework : deadline Friday

Now, it is your turn. Use “inogolo” and learn how to pronounce the name of two countries. Once you know, post the names to the blog. If one of your classmates has already posted the name of a country, you cannot repeat it.

In “Inogolo“, you can also find the countries listed in alphabetical order, the ones that are often mispronounced are signaled in red.

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