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3.en.15 Students power point presentations on the Olivar Market outing

Here follow some samples of your work and  some reflections on your presentations

Good points

  1. Most of you have learnt  to use Google Docs, an excellent tool for collaborative work
  2. Most of you have  learnt how important it is to collaborate and help each other in order to get a good final product and to be efficient
  3. Most of you  have learnt  to present your work   in three languages
  4. Most of you have learnt how important it is to have visual support to present a project to an audience
  5. Most of you have learnt the cost of   feeding  a family of 4 members for a day
  6. Most of you have learnt to compare quality and prices  of  restaurant menus
  7. Most of you have learnt  what a great variety of food is offered in a very small area of your city
  8. Most of you have learnt about local products and shops
  9. Most of you have learnt how to describe an urban area, gathering information through observation and research
  10. Most of you have learnt to interview people
  11. Most of you are now much better at speaking in public
  12. Most of you are now better at presenting your works in an attractive way
  13. Most of you have learnt new vocabulary and expressions connected with food
  14. Most of you have learnt how to make a dish and the language of instructions to make a recipe
  15. Most of you have reflected on your work and have learnt how important  self assessment is

Things to improve

  1. Some of you did not meet the deadlines
  2. Some of you did not follow the instructions given by the teachers
  3. Some of you did not help each other sufficiently
  4. Some of you worked very little and left most responsibility to other members of the group
  5. Some of you did not use the spell checker
  6. Some of you did not follow the guidelines given in the dossier
  7. Some of you let the other members of the group down
  8. Some of you did not behave properly during the outing
  9. Some of you did not collect the necessary information
  10. Some of you did not rehearse the oral presentation
  11. Some of you did not include visual aids in the power point

Do you agree with your teacher’s comments?

Homework for Friday:

From the 15 good points your teacher has mentioned, choose 5 you fully agree with and post your comments to the blog.  Conversely, choose 3 aspects you feel can be improved in the future and post them to the blog too.  You can add aspects the teacher did not think of.

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3.en.8. Dossier for the outing. Interviewing. A famous food market in Barcelona

This morning everyone got a dossier as a guide line for the tasks you will have to do during the outing to el Olivar.

In Catalan and in Spanish you will have to interview shop owners and customers. The dossier includes the necessary language to do the interviews in English too.

Could you interview  an English speaking person?

Interview a shop/ stall owner/ worker

Type of stall:                                                                        Name of the person:

  1. How long have you been at this market?
  2. Have you ever had a famous customer?
  3. What type of people are your regular customers?
  4. Have you noticed the crisis?
  5. What would you tell people to make them come here to do their shopping instead of going to big malls?

Interview a customer

1)     Profile: age, nationality, family, job,

2)     Frequency: (How often does he/she shop at the Olivar)

3)     Money spent on shopping:

4)     transport(car, walking, bus, other)

5)     Opinion ( prices, variety, quality)

6)     Recommendations (favourite products and stalls)

7)     Other questions:

Now, have a look at this video of a famous food market in Barcelona. Let’s see how  much you understand

  1. What is the name of the market?
  2. howmany neighborhood markets are there in Barcelona?
  3. How old is the market?
  4. What’s the origin of the name?
  5. How many stalls are there?
  6. What are the displays like?
  7. what are Spanish onions like?
  8. what is the closest to Spanish ham?
  9. Spain is the largest producer of…?
  10. what are the ingredients of chorizo?
  11. which food is hotter Mexican or Spanish?
  12. What do they drink at the end of their visit to the market?

Post your answers to the blog.

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Students presentations: A walk in Palma November 2009

Zandalie, Daryl and Jilin

Peptoni, Guillem and Xisco

Miquel Àngel, Laura  and Marta

LLorenç, Juan Miguel and Philline

Pep, Àngel and Rodrigo

Lukas, Pilar and Johana

Judit, Claudia and Lovepreet

Carlos, Jose Luis and Alejandro

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