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2.en.7. Santa Catalina, Jovellanos and Gijón

This is not my first post from the north, in October I sent you some photos from Santander and the beautiful beach of El Sardinero at low tide. These photos are not from Santander but from Asturias. I took them on Chritsmas day in Gijon, my hometown. It does not look like Christmas because the sky is blue and it was a bright sunny day.

You all know that In Palma, there is a neighbourhood called Santa Catalina. Well, in Gijón, my hometown, my favourite place is also called “Cerro de Santa Catalina” which is a park situated at the tip of a peninsula where the old fishing neighbourhood used to be. From the top of that peninsula you can see the coastline, the old fishing port and the long sandy beach of San Lorenzo.

On the 25th , Christmas day, before having lunch with my family,  I went for a walk along the San Lorenzo beach, and then up the hill of Santa Catalina. From the top of the park you can get a nice view of the coastline. It is one of my favourite spots. At the very top, there is a huge concrete sculpture by Chillida, it is called “Elogio del Horizonte” “Praise of the Horizon”. There is a strange echo like effect produced by the sculpture and the roaring sound of the sea that surrounds you. If you stand under the two pillars, you can hear the sea as if it was passing over your head.

A few meters away there is a museum, it is the house where Jovellanos, was born. Gaspar Melchor de Jovellanos (1744 – 1811) was a well known Spanish neoclassical statesman, author, philosopher and main figure of the Enlightenment in Spain.

Now, you must do a bit of research:

What is the relationship between Jovellanos and Palma de Mallorca?

Visit this web site and find out.

Enjoy your holidays and do your homework. So far, only a few have started their posts.

If you discover anything about Jovellanos and Mallorca, post your findings to the blog.

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