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Logorama es el cortometraje que ganó el Oscar este año. Vamos a comentar algunas de las cosas que aparecen. Empezaremos por verlo, disfrutarlo y procurar entenderlo:

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Computer literacy: Most of you are about as old as Google, hadn’t you thought of it?

On the 24th of October there was a post on Computer literacy: Browsers, do you remember? Google was presented to you among some other search engines.

Google story is quite short, but fascinating.  In a very short time Google grew from just being a name to a business empire.

Search  this site: where you can look at some official and non official Google logos. I’ve chosen these three.

Now it is you turn, which one would you choose?

Why don’t you think of a good logo for our blog?

Who knows maybe we’ll end up being as famous as Google in no time!

These last weeks we have been talking about how our city has changed throughout time. Some buildings in Palma, for instance,  date back long ago, don’t they?  Some of you were surprised to find out how old  or the  cathedral was. The construction of the cathedral of Palma took 10 generations of people to be completed.

Today we’ll look at how fast new technologies grow. Think of Google, it was born almost at the same time as you. If you look at it from that perspective, it is not such a big deal. You have also grown a lot, haven’t you?

Watch this you tube video and answer the questions

  1. When did Google become Top search engine for the first time?
  2. When was Google maps launched?
  3. What kind of applications from Google do you use?
  4. Will Google still exist 10 generations from now?

POST 73  HOMEWORK for Friday the 27th

Copy the answers to questions 1,2,4, in your notebook and post the answer to question 3 to the blog.

We’ll leave you time to work on the Castígate Logo, don’t worry!

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