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Walls, poems and metaphors

Palma used to be a walled city, and we’ve also been talking a lot about walls. Today we are going to use walls to learn what a metaphor is.

Here follows a poem I found in a site that tries to help American students improve their writing. It does not say who the author is, but it fits the things we’ve been doing in class.

Let’s look at walls from a different perspective. In this poem, walls are a metaphor of … let’s see if you  can discover it.

Maybe it is a bit difficult for you, but with the help of some images I’m sure you’ll grasp the meaning.

“I Build Walls”

Some verbs to help you understand the poem. You may need to look them up in the dictionary.

yield          shield        block                  hide          protect       cover

stare          smile                   look away           cry    touch

Some images to help you

I Build Walls

I build walls:

Walls that protect,

Walls that shield,

Walls that say I shall not yield

Or reveal

Who I am or how I feel.

I build walls:

Walls that hide,

Walls that cover what’s inside,

Walls that stare or smile or look away,

Silent lies,

Walls that even block my eyes

From the tears I might have cried.

I build walls:

Walls that never let me

Truly touch

Those I love so very much.

Walls that need to fall!

Walls meant to be fortresses

Are prisons after all.

POST 71. HOMEWORK for Tuesday 24th November.

  1. Look up in a dictionary the verbs in blue italics you do not know and copy them in your notebook.
  2. Are the walls in this poem made of bricks or any physical materials?
  3. What are the walls of this poem made of?
  4. did you like the poem?

Post answers to questions 2 and 3 and 4 in the blog.

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