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Ode for St. Cecilia’s Day. Handel music and English words to celebrate the patron saint of musicians

The Cantata was composed by Handel in 1739 and the words are form the English poet John Dryden.

Can you follow the words… it is not very difficult.

There are two instruments mentioned in this part of the cantata.

  • Which instruments are they?
  • What are the adjectives the poet uses to describe them?
  • The trumpet‘s loud clangour

    Excites us to arms,

    With shrill notes of anger,

    And mortal alarms.

    The double double double beat

    Of the thundering drum

    Cries Hark! the foes come;

    Charge, charge, ’tis too late to retreat!

    Notice the pronunciation of this sound:

    charge /tʃ/


  • Do you like this kind of music?
  • Can you think of a building in Palma built at the time this cantata was composed?
  • Ask your History teacher.

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    Make interesting, brainy comments on the blog: unpack your adjectives

    All the language teachers in the blog want to help you ….

    make clever comments. No more dull, childish comments, Please!

    In order to make smashing comments, you need to put more adjectives in your bag and unpack them .

    Watch this video and choose 5 new adjectives. Then, try to use them. Some will be very helpful when you need to describe our walk next Monday. Remember, if you sing along, you’ll memorize words  easily. Give it a try,  start in the shower if you are too shy, Pep Toni is looking for volunteers for a class choir.

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    qustion marks and Black Eyed Peas

    Rodrigo sent us this video full of qustions, so I’m not going to ask you any more.

    but I wonder what has happened to all the people who have not done their tasks  yet?

    ?traffic lights1

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    Rudy, Rodrigo, basket, rap, English and blind dates


    I’m not very sporty, so it was thanks to your questions to Molly and to Guillem and Rodrigo’s comments on the blog that I discovered Rudy Fernández,  the famous Majorcan basketball player who is currently playing with Portland Trail Blazers .

    Maybe in a few years Rodrigo will be playing in the NBA too, who knows? Judging from the photo he published yesterday in this blog, it certainly might happen.

    In the meantime, let’s see if we learn a bit more abour this excellent player.

    Complete this fact file.  Let’s see who is the first one to post the correct answers to the blog.  The rest can just copy the answers in the notebooks, but you can also contribute to the blog with new findings about Rudy.

    1. In Majorca there is a sportscentre that bears his name. Do you know where?
    2. Date of birth:
    3. School in Palma:
    4. When did he leave Palma?
    5. When did he move to the USA?
    6. What are his parents’ jobs:
    7. Has he got any brothers or sisters?
    8. Teams he played with:
    9. Height and Weight:
    10. How long has he been in Portland?
    11. Which position does he play in?
    12. How old do you think he was in the small photo on the right?

    To make your task easier, I have found some videos in you tube:

    The fisrt one is a song with some Spanglish and slang asking vor votes. Xilin and Judith did not need one for their campaign! I  have included the lyrics. Can recognize any slang words Molly taught us the other day?

    Blazers up in here tonight

    Fan voton’ (we got the Spaniard up in here)

    Fan voton’

    Fan voton’

    España España

    I never knew a dude that could dunk like this

    Make a fan wanna vote Spanish

    Como se llama? Si! Su Rudy! Si! Mi dunka

    España españa (Me vota)

    Oooh Rudy when you dunk like that

    You make Superman look bad

    Rapid Roy and Carpool

    And you took a drive down to Phoenix


    Oooh you think it’s right

    You know that ball don’t lie

    That’s why they call him the Spanish flight

    The elevation, like a spaceman

    Suddenly I’m a fellow immigration

    Sergio he can see you – don’t stop movin’

    And you’re cutting it baseline

    Real soon – you dudes will be alley oopin’ – In the same suerte

    ‘Cause you move it like a matador

    Nobody can let it go, and you will get a perfect score

    No way, you and serge connected – the world must respect it

    And say the trailblazers wrecked it

    I never knew a dude that could dunk like this

    Make a fan wanna vote Spanish

    Como se llama? Si! Su Rudy! Si! Mi dunka

    España españa (Me vota)

    Oooh Rudy when you dunk like that

    You make Superman look bad

    Rapid Roy and Carpool

    And you took a drive down to Phoenix…

    In the second one, Rudy sings and speaks in English. I think he could teach us how to play basket and Daryl, Sara, Marta, Tatiana…. well most of you helped by Paquita, your music teacher, could teach him how to sing and play some music . He also needs some English pronunciation practice, don’t you think? I’m sure Molly would do a great job, and who knows… it might end up …. well you tell me.

    12065669501260557625Anonymous_light_bulb.svg.medI’ve got it!  we must try to arrange a blind date for them!

    Enjoy the  rest of the weekend

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    Go, went, gone…… rap song and slang

    Black eyed peas


    This morning Molly brought a great song by Jack Johnson and the Black Eyed Peas to our class and we learnt some slang. Now it will be easier for us to understand lyrics in English songs,  




     I found this video in the Internet. It summarises the story of the song with images. Now it is your turn to work a little while you listen to the music. Answer the following questions and post them.

    Have a nice weekend!!!! and don’t sell your soul for bling, bling, material things…

    1. Can you name 5 key words, which are essential to understand Johnny’s story ?
    2. What is the moral of the song? 
    3. Do you associate rap with slang and rude language?
    4. What type of visual art do you associate rap with?
    5. Is rap music associated with urban culture?
    6. What’s the origin of the word rap?
    7. Do you like this type of music?
    8. Which song did you like best, “Penny Lane” or “Gone” ?

    Be patient the video takes a bit of time to load….

    Johnny wanna be a big star
    Get on stage and play the guitar
    Make a little money, buy a fancy car
    Big old house and an alligator
    Just to match with them alligator shoes
    He’s a rich man so he’s no longer singing the blues
    He’s singing songs about material things
    And platinum rings and watches that go bling
    But, diamonds don’t bling in the dark
    He a star now, but he ain’t singing from the heart
    Sooner or later he’s just gonna fall apart
    Cause his fans can’t relate to his new found art
    He ain’t doing what he did from the start
    And that’s putting in some feeling and thought
    He decided to live his life shallow
    Cash in his love for material

    And its gone… gone… going…
    Gone… everything gone… give a damn…
    Gone be the birds when they don’t want to sing…
    Gone people… all awkward with their things… gone.

    You see yourself in the mirror
    And you feel safe cause it looks familiar
    But you afraid to open up your soul
    Cause you don’t really know, don’t really know
    Who he is, the person that’s deep within
    Cause you are content with just being the name-brand man
    And you fail to see that its trivial
    Insignificant, you addicted to material
    I’ve seen your kind before
    You’re the type that thinks souls is sold in a store
    Packaged up with incense sticks
    With them vegetarian meals
    To you that’s righteous
    You’re fiction like books
    You need to go out to life and look
    Cause… what happens when they take your material
    You already sold your soul and its…


    You say that time is money and money is time
    So you got mind in your money and your money on your mind
    But what about… that crime that you did to get paid
    And what about… that bid, you can’t take it to your brain
    What about those shoes you’ll wear today
    They’ll do no good on the bridges you burnt along the way

    All that money that you got gonna be gone
    That gear that you rock gonna be gone
    The house up on the hill gonna be gone
    The gold purse on your grill gonna be gone
    The ice on your wrist gonna be gone
    That nice little Miss gonna be gone
    That whip that you roll gonna be gone
    And what’s worst is your soul’s already gone

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    Walls, muros, murs, murs, Mauern…what are they good for?

    Another question for our city explorers

    Pink Floyd was a very famous group in the 70’s. This song is still meaningful. WHY?

    Read the lyrics  and think:

    What are walls good for?

    Is there any relation between education and walls?

    We don’t need no education
    We dont need no thought control
    No dark sarcasm in the classroom
    Teachers leave them kids alone
    Hey! Teachers! Leave them kids alone!
    All in all it’s just another brick in the wall.
    All in all you’re just another brick in the wall.

    We don’t need no education
    We dont need no thought control
    No dark sarcasm in the classroom
    Teachers leave them kids alone
    Hey! Teachers! Leave them kids alone!
    All in all it’s just another brick in the wall.
    All in all you’re just another brick in the wall.


    Have we got of any famous walls in our city?

    In Europe?  What happened 20 years ago on the 9th of November?

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    City music from Liverpool: road, street, avenue, boulevard, alley, lane, Penny Lane.

    Welcome Paquita!

    It’s great to have you with us, you bring music to our blog. You reminded us of  a another pedestrian crossing in Abbey Road;  The Beatles made it famous all overthe world. The Beatles were from Liverpool and they wrote many songs about their life as young people in their hometown. This term we are working with cities, that is one of the reasons why we know a lot about cycle lanes and pedestrian crossings.  Now we’ll follow the Beatles into a small street in Liverpool, a lane, a narrow passage between houses, called Penny LaneHere follows the lyrics, but some words are missing. Look at the images, they might help you find the correct words to fill the gaps. Some words are repeated:

    ears, laugh, barber, fireman, poppies, hello, queen, pouring rain, skies, pies


    Enjoy the music!

    In Penny Lane there is a ________ (1)showing photographs
    Of every head he’s had the pleasure to know
    And all the people that come and go
    Stop and say____________ (2)

    On the corner is a banker with a motorcar
    The little children ______(3) at him behind his back
    And the banker never wears a mack
    In the_________ ­ ____(4), very strange

    Penny Lane is in my___________(5) and in my ___________(6)
    There beneath the blue suburban ___________(7)
    I sit, and meanwhile back

    In Penny Lane there is a ___________(8) with an hourglass
    And in his pocket is a portrait of the ___________(9)
    He likes to keep his fire engine clean
    It’s a clean machine

    Penny Lane is in my ___________(10)and in my ___________(11)
    A four of fish and finger___________ (12)
    In summer, meanwhile back

    Behind the shelter in the middle of a roundabout
    The pretty nurse is selling ___________(13)from a tray
    And though she feels as if she’s in a play
    She is anyway

    In Penny Lane the ___________(14)shaves another customer
    We see the banker sitting waiting for a trim
    And then the fireman rushes in
    From the  _________ ­ ____(15), very strange

    Penny Lane is in my ___________(16)and in my ___________(17)
    There beneath the blue suburban___________ (18)
    I sit, and meanwhile back

    Penny Lane is in my ___________(19)and in my ___________(20)
    There beneath the blue suburban ___________(21)

    Written by Paul McCartney and John Lennon

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