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2.en.25. Poetry for the weekend: Ogden Nash “Ode to the Llama”

Ogden Nash

was an American poet who liked playing with words, his poetry was humorous and not very difficult to understand. Now that you can recognize homophones and homographs, you might enjoy this little poem. It is called “Ode to the Llama”.

“Ode to the Llama”

The one-L lama,
He’s a priest.
The two-L llama,
He’s a beast.
And I would bet
A silk pajama
There isn’t any
Three-L lllama.
You did very well putting on stage Tomás de Iriarte Fable, but diction can still be improved. Practice learning by heart this little poem with good intonation. Let’s see who surprises me tomorrow during the  English lesson.
See you

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