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3.en.13. Paella is famous all over the world, but so is 1st ESO E from the Ramon Llull

Dear students,

in one on the last posts (3.en.9), you could see a representation of the English department, Molly, Belma and Raúl, hands on preparing a delicious paella.

This delicious dish is famous all over the world, as fas north as Stockholm, but you are almost as famous. Check the video and tell me if you are able to hear the name of your class.

  1. Where is Stockholm?
  2. Can you think of any famous Swedish dish?
  3. Look at the queues, waiting to taste paella and check the spelling of this tricky word. Is QUEUE the only spelling admitted? Use the dictionary to find out the answer.
  4. What does the logo on the bags remind you of?

Post your comments to the video and to the questions to the blog.

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3.en.9.Recipe: paella directly from the hands of the English department

As part of the project on food and eating habits, each group will have to write a recipe. The English department teachers are experts  making  “paella” . Last Friday, you saw our world famous chef, Rául, directly from Alicante, cooking a huge paella, helped by Molly and Belma.  Molly is taking good notes  to be able to prepare one when she goes back to Portland.

You can also see a video with all the ingredients you need. If you have any doubts, ask  Raúl, Molly or Belma.

Is your recipe for paella similar to this one?


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3.en.4. Too many cooks spoil the broth?.. not really

Some times real life shows us that idioms are not always true.

Rául and Molly, on behalf of the English Department are cooking a delicious “paella” for Alberto Leal’s 1st Year Batxillerat students.

Take note! you must work on a recipe for our outing on Monday, so a paella might be a good idea.

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