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Students presentations: A walk in Palma November 2009

Zandalie, Daryl and Jilin

Peptoni, Guillem and Xisco

Miquel Àngel, Laura  and Marta

LLorenç, Juan Miguel and Philline

Pep, Àngel and Rodrigo

Lukas, Pilar and Johana

Judit, Claudia and Lovepreet

Carlos, Jose Luis and Alejandro

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Some hints to improve your oral presentation skills

Today we went to the Computer room to  use the projector and listen to your  power point presentations of  the city outing. Only two groups managed to meet the deadline and finish the work. I know that some people had technical problems and other people were ill but next time you must organize your groups more effectively.Two groups did the presentation today, it was a good job but there are some things that can be improved. We learn from errors, don’t we?  here follow some hints:

Regarding the slides:

  • Check spelling. If you work in groups, a person can type and the others check that there are no spelling mistakes. The questions were in the dossier, so there is no excuse for making so many errors.
  • Follow the instructions. If the instructions say ” write a caption” , the task is not completed if you do not write a caption.
  • Do not copy things you do not understand.

Regarding the oral presentation:

  1. Introduce the topic and the group  to the audience.
  2. Keep eye contact
  3. A power point is a visual help to make what you want to say clearer to the audience, use it as a visual aid not as a book.
  4. A power point is not something you just “read”. Do not read all the time. There is no point in presenting a power point to an audience if you only read what is written in the slides.
  5. Be natural
  6. Make spontaneous comments. (it was a nice day! Look at that, Can you see…?, please, can we see the next slide?)
  7. Ask questions to the audience. ( do you understand? shall I repeat? is it clear? or any other questions that make your presentation more interactive)
  8. Practice pronunciation
  9. Use body language and point with your hands, cursor or pointer to the area or aspect of the slide you are commenting
  10. The way you present the information is as important as the slides
  11. You work in group, so every member must collaborate and pay attention to what is going on.
  12. Thank the audience for their attention and ask for questions or suggestions

The groups that have not done the presentation yet have an advantage. They can practice. Have these 12 points  in front of you and rehearse the presentation. Check that you follow the instructions.

Congratulations to the people who did it first and good luck  to the rest of you.

POST 74  HOMEWORK: copy the hints for a good oral presentation in your notebook and keep these hints in mind while doing the presentation. Practice with your group before Friday.

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Google Maps en modo street view

Un día comentamos en clase que los mapas de Google admitían una visión a pie de calle, conseguida gracias a las muchas imágenes que ha ido acumulando Google desde unos coches propios que recorren y fotografían las calles de las distintas ciudades del mundo.
Pero como Internet cambia casi por segundos, resulta que hoy ya está disponible este modo street view en los mapas de Palma. Os toca probar el nuevo invento: visita la página de Google Maps hasta localizar el mapa de Palma, y acércate hasta el Instituto (pistas: cerca está el Canódromo o el Hospital General de Mallorca)
Fíjate que en la barra vertical de navegación situada a la izquierda, la que te permite hacer zoom y desplazarte a lo largo del mapa, hay ahora un muñequito amarillo. Basta que lo arrastres hasta la calle que desees, y aparecerá la vista callejera: fotografías de 360º
Ánimo, y mañana demostraréis en clase cómo os movéis por las calles de Palma 🙂
Por ejemplo, intenta ir desde el Instituto hasta Cort o la Seu. Tienes que arrastrar el muñequito de calle en calle, en el cuadro que aparece en la parte inferior derecha del mapa grande.

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The streets of Palma through the eyes of a tourist (1): Listening exercise


Last May,   a British tourist walked along the streets of Palma filming parts of the city and making a few comments. It is not a professional video, but it gives you a good idea of what our city is like seen through the eyes of a tourist.

We are going to stroll  along the same streets, so let’s get some listening practice beforehand.

Watch this video and answer the questions in your notebook. As usual , the first one to find the answers must post them to the blog. Remember to write the number of the question you are answering to make it easier for your class mates.

1. She walks along a street called San Feliu, can you find it in the map?

2. What is her opinion on the courtyards? What are the adjectives she uses to describe them?

3. She passes a hairdresser. What is the name of the hairdresser?

4. Is it a modern one or an old one?

5. Are there lots of business in the streets?

6. What are the streets like? What is the adjective she uses to describe the streets?

7. She passes a place where French is taught. What is the name of the place?

8. She talks about the domination of the island by different people. Tick the ones she mentions:

Fenitians         Vandals          Romans           Arabs  Any other

9. She passes a pastry and bread shop. What is the name of the shop?

10. What can you buy in the bread shop packaged in gift boxes?

11. Which church does she find at the end of the street? Do you recognise it?

12. What does she say about prizes in Majorca?

13. What does she say about prices in restaurants?

14. How much does she say some restaurants charge you for a simple salad?

15. What does she say about prices in supermarkets?

16.Why does she recommend renting an apartment?

17. What does she say about prices of guided tours organised by the municipality of Palma?

18. Does she plan to go on one of those city tours?

19. How big are the apartments that are being advertised?

20. What is real state? What do they sell?

21. Does she talk about  the history of Mallorca?

22. Did you find the video very difficult?

23. Did you learn any new words?

23. Do you think she likes the city?


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First results of “old shops hunt”: Pep Toni’s contribution


Pep Toni is the first one to send photos of his “old shops hunt “. Congratulations! this is just a sample of his contribution. I have a sweet tooth, so I instantly recognised Can Frasquet.

Do you know what a “sweet tooth” is?

Does anybody else in the class have a “sweet tooth” too?

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