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3.en.7. It’s raining cats and dogs, so let’s do some on line pronunciation practice

Dear students.

This year we set off with heavy rain, do you remember the gurgling sound of the gutters back in September? Quite unusual in Palma!

Well, today the rain did not let us go to the Olivar and we had to postpone it until next Monday. Anyway, the rain will give us  some more  time to get extra practice. Our pronunciation will be almost P E R F E C T next Monday if we do this series of on line exercises. Since it is raining so much, it’s not a bad idea to do something useful, is it?

I do not want couch potatoes in my class. Leave TV for a while and get working!

Give it a try and surprise me. Each one should learn 10 new words, with a native like accent.  Words connected with food, of course!

Do the exercises and post the words you’ve learnt to the blog.

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2.en.27. How to pronounce Penélope Cruz as a real American. Films (3)

Thanks to Tatiana, I’ve just discovered that “inogolo”,the pronunciation guide that we are using for our Country project, has added a section for the Oscars. Visit the page and learn how to pronounce one or two English names  (actors, actresses or directors nominated for the Oscars) . Choose names you are not sure how to say properly, not Penélope Cruz, that would be cheating!  but, just for fun, you can also listen to someone  saying Penélope’s name  with an strong American accent!

Pronunciation Guide to the 82nd Academy Award Nominees (2010)

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2.en.24. Pronunciation: Homophones and jokes

In post 2.en.22 we looked at HOMOGRAPHS, now it is time to look at HOMOPHONES.

Words that are pronounced the same but are written differently . They are fun to learn and a good way to start playing  with words. Let’s see if you can make a good joke with some of the following.

maize /maze

mail/ male

beach /beech

none /nun


pea/ pee


Look for the words you do not know and use images to help you remember them. It’s good to memorize words in pairs. Strange associations make it easier too.

I found this one for you it plays with two words Peace and Peas

Do you like playing with words?

Can you think of any other?

Can you make up a joke playing with words?

As usual, post your answers to the blog.

Deadline to post comments : Friday the 19th

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2.en.23. Pronunciation. Homographs (row, wind, live, do)

The other day we learnt what HOMOGRAPHS meant. Do you remember. Check the pronunciation of the following pairs and write them in your notebook.


  • /ˈduː/, /də/ (v) What do you think you are doing?
  • /ˈdoʊ/ (n) To warm-up, the singer sang the scale from do.


  • /ˈlɪv/ (v) I don’t need you to determine whether I live or die.
  • /ˈlaɪv/ (a) I went to see James Brown live in concert.


  • /ˈraʊ/ (n) The two brothers had an awful row .
  • /ˈroʊ/ (n) There are 6 rows of desks in our class.


  • /ˈwaɪnd/ (v) Its one of those wind up toys
  • /ˈwɪnd/ (n) The wind blew from the northeast.

Deadline to post comments : Friday the 19th

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2.en.16 Pronunciation: how to understand and pronounce names of places in English. Homework

It is often difficult to know how to pronounce names of places and people in English. Today you discovered that Guinea, and Guinea-Bissau, sound quite differently in English than the way we would pronounce them in Spanish. Dictionaries such as Merriam-Webster give you the pronunciation of countries.


However, there are other tools you can find on line such as “inogolo” where you will be able to type the word and listen to its pronunciation.

Bookmark the site and have it at hand.  It is easy to use and really useful when it comes to names :

Check the pronunciation of Guinea-Bissau and Mauritania, two neighboring countries of Senegal.



Homework : deadline Friday

Now, it is your turn. Use “inogolo” and learn how to pronounce the name of two countries. Once you know, post the names to the blog. If one of your classmates has already posted the name of a country, you cannot repeat it.

In “Inogolo“, you can also find the countries listed in alphabetical order, the ones that are often mispronounced are signaled in red.

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stress and spelling make a difference!

Stress and spelling make a difference!

dessert /dɪ’zɜrt/ ( Cornbread cake)

desert /’dɛzərt/ (Sahara, Gobi)


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Excuse me……. can you tell me the way to……? Giving directions

On Monday, on our walk through Palma, you will have to do it yourself, so practice a bit during the weekend. Use the vocabulary in the dossier and watch this video a couple of times. It will help you with your pronunciation.


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