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Words: scrapes, skyscrapers, cities and wounds.

Hi everyone!

Learning words in the void is not fun, You remember the fun theory, don’t you?

Scrape……..  Does this word ring a bell?

What happened to our Molly the other day when she went roller blading?

She was talking on the phone and ……

She showed to you how she scraped her knee.

Skyscraper is a nice word, isn’t it? it has the word scrape in it too.

Anyway, we are learning about the city, and in our city there are not many skyscrapers.

1)What is the highest building in Palma you can think of? Do you know where the one in the photo is?

2)Do you like skyscrapers?

Scrapes are quite common among chidren, and skaters, and footballplayers..

3)When was the last time you had a scrape?  Do you remember?

Go to this site watch a short video on what to do when you suffer a scrape or a cut.

4) Did you learn any new word after watching the video? Was it difficult to understand?

Remember, words can appear in very different situations…

Sometimes they almost touch the sky...  and sometimes… hurt.


HOMEWORK:  Watch the video and answer the 4 questions posting a comment to the blog.

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