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3.en.13. Paella is famous all over the world, but so is 1st ESO E from the Ramon Llull

Dear students,

in one on the last posts (3.en.9), you could see a representation of the English department, Molly, Belma and Raúl, hands on preparing a delicious paella.

This delicious dish is famous all over the world, as fas north as Stockholm, but you are almost as famous. Check the video and tell me if you are able to hear the name of your class.

  1. Where is Stockholm?
  2. Can you think of any famous Swedish dish?
  3. Look at the queues, waiting to taste paella and check the spelling of this tricky word. Is QUEUE the only spelling admitted? Use the dictionary to find out the answer.
  4. What does the logo on the bags remind you of?

Post your comments to the video and to the questions to the blog.

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Escalator or stairs? The theory of fun

Going up the stairs keeps you fit and it is good for your health, but it is so easy to go up the escalator, isn’t it?

At the Ramon Llull we have no option, no elevator neither escalator, only impressive stairways to keep us fit.

Let’s see if you like this idea, it was tested in Stockholm, a beautiful city with a modern underground system.

Can we get people to choose stairs instead of escalators by making them fun?

66% more than normal chose stairs over the escalators

Joy can change behaviors

They call it the theory of fun

on Monday we’ll go on a walk in the city and one of your tasks is to find ways to improve city life.

What do you think of this idea?  Do you believe the  theory of fun might work?


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